Couture Collection


A Timeless Fantasy

Meet your friendly robot

At one time or other, robots have left their mark in all of our childhood fantasies. What challenges once seemed impossible, robots could always conquer, alluring us into a world of fantastic possibilities. Brought to life with exquisite artisanship and precious gemstones, Qeelin’s Roobot captures this feeling of boundless creativity and invites you to marvel once more with pure imagination.

Large Roobot pendant in 18K white gold set with diamonds, pink sapphire & rubies



Large Roobot pendant in 18K rose gold set with black diamonds



Medium Roobot No.2 pendant in 18K white gold with diamonds and rubies



Robots occupy a special place among the private collections of Dennis Chan, Founder and Creative Director of Qeelin

As early as China’s Warring States period, before they became a popular western toy, the concept of robots was described in the Book of Diverse Crafts as singing and dancing puppets made of leather, wood and resin: the earliest account of a wooden robot ‘prototype’ in China. From East to West, robots have remained a favourite among toys, capturing our imagination and creativity across time and space.

“Inspired by the quintessential toy, the pieces in this collection exude nostalgia” explains Dennis Chan. “Like real toys, they transport you to relive your most cherished memories.”

Crafted in a distinctively vintage style, Roobot features an intricate structure that accentuates the splendour of its gemstones. Fully rotating limbs and a freely moving gearwheel in the chest showcase the boundless potential of creativity when refined aesthetics meet intricate design.

The Roobot collection is currently available in vintage designs. Every piece in the collection is created with precious white gold or rose gold, embedded with gemstones of various colours - blue, yellow, pink, orange, red, in addition to black and white diamonds.

Admire Roobot’s ingenuity and playful tones, and embrace new worlds of boundless creativity.